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Bitwarden, Inc., the parent firm of 8bit Solutions LLC, brings you Bitwarden. Bitwarden is the most simple and safest method to store all of your logins as well as passwords, while keeping your passwords synced across all your devices.

The theft of passwords is a major issue. The websites and applications you use are being targeted each day. Security breaches are commonplace and passwords are stolen. If you use the same password across different apps and websites, hackers can quickly gain access to your bank, email and other crucial accounts.
Security experts suggest that you create a unique randomly generated password for each account you set up. How do you manage all the passwords? Bitwarden allows users to make, save and view your passwords.

Bitwarden saves all of your logins within an encrypted vault which syncs across all your devices. Since the vault is fully secured before it goes away from your computer, you are the only one to are granted access to your information. Nobody else at Bitwarden could read your data in the event that we were able to. Your information is secured with the AES-256bit encryption method, salt hashing and PBKDF2 sha256.

Bitwarden is a focus on free software. The source code of Bitwarden is accessible on GitHub and is available to everyone to read, review and contribute in this code base. Bitwarden codebase.

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