Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do weather and inspiration.

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“Imagine if each tab could help you focus and calm down. It includes weather and inspirational quotes as well as to-do lists and daily photos.

Momentum has helped over 3000000 people become more productive in their work and daily lives.

This article was featured in Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans.

The Key Features:

  • Every day a new quote photo or mantra is added

  • Reminders to your most important tasks

  • To-Do List Manager is easy to use

  • Get quick access to your favourite websites and apps

  • Weather information local

  • Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo search options

  • You can customize — hide/show features as you wish

  • We keep your data private and secure.

  • Transform your screen into a beautiful dashboard that helps you stay on track.

  • Notification: To get the best Momentum experience click the “”Keep it”” button in the “”Change back to Google”” notification. This will display Momentum in each tab.

  • Get More with Plus: 11 New Features to Maximize your Workspace

  • Momentum Plus provides additional productivity tools that support positive workflows increase focus and help you stay focused.

NEW: Soundscapes:


  • Focus-driving audio allows you to get in the groove with seven scenes including a cafe atmosphere tranquil rain and a crackling campfire.

  • Pomodoro Timer

  • You can organize your day in timed segments of focused work and short breaks.

  • Todo integrations

  • To quickly update your tasks in each tab connect your favorite task provider. Asana Trello Todoist Microsoft To Do Google Tasks GitHub Bitbucket & Basecamp 3.

  • Autofocus mode

  • Keep your top priority front and center. Complete your top task and replace it with the next one on your list.

  • Metrics

  • You can track the progress you make towards your professional and personal milestones.

  • Countdowns

  • Count down the days until the next events and due dates.

  • World Clocks

  • We will handle the time zone conversion. You can add other time zones to your dashboard.

  • Custom Photos Quotes & Mantras

  • Personalize your dashboard by adding the content that inspires. You can skip the process and make changes whenever you like.

  • Notes

  • Our fullscreen note editor allows you to create reminders and even start a novel.

  • Multi-Todo list

  • To organize your tasks in a more organized way create additional lists.

  • Additional weather information

  • Get more weather information with hourly forecasts air quality rain chances and other details.

Privacy & Security:


Momentum is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect or process only for Momentum’s core functionality and to improve our service’s security and quality. No third parties have ever received your information.

Visit this site for more information about privacy and security.”

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