Kami for Google Chrome™

The Kami Chrome extension enables you to change boring documents into attractive ones by allowing you to annotate, draw, and comment. Kami instantly transforms your PDFs, images, or other resources into an interactive learning space. It has empowered the students and transformed the teaching methods.

How to use Kami Google

  • Install the Kami Chrome extension from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store.

  • Click the extension icon to enable it or you can also pin the kami extension for quick access.

  • After enabling the extension, you can open any file available on your computer or Google drive folder.

  • Once you open the file you will see multiple options on the left side bar of the extension.

  • You will get Text highlight, comment, draw, erase, Text box options for free. But if you need Read aloud, Dictionary, equation, add media & signature feature then you will to upgrade to Kami pro version.

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More details about Kami for Google Chrome™

Kami Chrome extension is a very useful tool both for teachers and students. Kami can be used inside and outside of the classroom to make learning easy and engaging. This extension helps teachers to make their students understand quickly through live annotations, and video and audio recordings and it also enables students to collaborate with teachers in real-time. Teachers can modify any PDF or documents using the inbuilt editor tools. Kami makes it easy to teach and learn wherever you are. Kami extension lets you grade, feedback, and push student work directly from your LMS such as Google Classroom and Canvas.

Why Should Students Use Kami Extension?

  • Kami supports all the students regardless of their ability by providing intuitive and inclusive tools that support every learning style, including text-to-speech and voice-typing. Kami encourages students to learn in their own ways, which keeps them engaged and inspired.
  • Digital medium or physical medium, Kami can work with any document such as PDFs, slides, or image files and transform them from static and boring resources into an interactive learning space that allows the teacher to interact with their students easily. Kami also allows teachers and students to share new and exciting resources with other teachers in the community.

Why Should Teachers Use Kami Extension?

  • Teachers can easily upload and share class notes & files with students.
  • It helps teachers to interact with students very closely.
  • Makes it easier for teachers to take online classes.
  • Teachers can highlight & annotate any document file in a live class.
  • Integrates Google classroom and Canvas to facilitate real-time collaboration.

Why Should Schools Use Kami Extension?

  • Kami helps schools to save on printing, copying and filling costs.
  • It encourages schools and educational institutes to reach millions of children through digital mediums & makes education affordable and convenient for everyone.
  • Digital Class notes & educational files can be shared within the school easily and securely.

FAQ's for Kami Google

Kami Chrome extension enables you to annotate, draw and comment on all popular document formats like PDFs, images and word files.
Teachers can change boring digital educational notes and content into interactive ones. Teachers can also use this extension to share any file with the students.
Yes Kami extension is a 100% safe & secure extension for students and teachers.
Install the safe & secure Chrome extension and easily annotate and comment on a word file, PDF file and images.

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