Quick View and Product Price History

Amazon quick view Chrome extension lets users quickly find the various colors and product ranks at the level of category and the first published date of all the product listings on the website. Product rank at the category level can help customers make a better decision about the purchase of a product. A higher Amazon product rank could aid in increasing sales. The first published date of any listing informs buyers about the date the product was launched on Amazon. With Amazon Quick View, users are able to quickly find all colors available for the product so that they can quickly pick and choose the color they want.

How to Use Quick View and Product Price History

The following steps are required: 

  • Install the Amazon quick-view extension from the download button given below or install it from the Chrome web store. 

  • The extension can be pinned for easy accessibility. 

  • Enable the Amazon quick-view extension by clicking on the extension icon. 

  • Users will be able to view product rankings across categories, as well as the color of the product and the listing date for the product. 

Key features of Quick View and Product Price History

  • This extension precisely identifies all colors that are available for every product’s listing on Amazon.  
  • Users can see the rank of the product at the category level, which makes it easier to decide whether to purchase it or not. 
  • The extension also provides details on the original publication date for all products listed on Amazon. This extension can assist buyers to know about the date of publication of the product. 


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Amazon quick view extension identifies all available colors of a product on Amazon. Users will also be able to check product rank at category level and the first published date of all the listings.
Just install Amazon quick view extension and easily check first publish date of all the listings on Amazon.
Install the Amazon quick view extension to check category level product ranking within few seconds only.
You can easily check all the available color of a product on Amazon by installing Amazon quick view extension.

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