AMZ (Amazon) Seller Assistant

AMZ seller assistant Chrome extension enables you to check best seller rank, product description of the current listing, Product launch date brand name and seller name on Amazon. It also lets you check related keywords with the accurate search volume.

How to Use AMZ (Amazon) Seller Assistant

  • In the first step, you need to install the AMZ seller assistant from the download button given below, or it can also be installed by visiting the Chrome web store. 

  • Go to the Amazon website. 

  • Search and click on the product. 

  • Now click on the extension icon to enable it to see all the details related to the listing just below the product image and title. You will be able to check Amazon product descriptions, brand names, seller names, product launch dates, and best seller rankings. 

  • You can check related keywords according to your search terms on the Amazon search result page. 

  • If you want to see related keywords with search volume for a particular product, then you can do so by clicking the product and enabling the extension. 

Key features of AMZ (Amazon) Seller Assistant

If you’re an Amazon seller, you need accurate data on your competitors’ products so that you can easily get an edge over them. The Amazon seller assistant extension has been specially developed to enhance the Amazon seller’s knowledge to beat their competitors and help them grow their revenue. This extension enables sellers to check: –  

1) Best Seller Rank  

An Amazon Sales Rank, or Amazon Best Sellers Rank, is given to a product when a sale has been completed. It indicates how well a particular product sells on Amazon. 

2) Product Description 

As an Amazon seller, the most important task is to write the correct product description, which should include all of the important keywords related to your product. A product description is the most effective way to persuade buyers to purchase your product. When writing the product description, it’s important to understand the thinking of your target buyer to find the right equilibrium between being both informative and concise. At the same time, it should be catchy with all the relevant keywords.   

3) Launch Date 

AMZ Seller assistant lets you easily check the launch date of any product on Amazon.  

4) Brand Name & Seller Name  

Now you do not need to scroll down the Amazon product page and strain your eyes to find the details of the brand and seller name of the product. You can now get these details in a few seconds only using the Amazon seller assistant extension.  

5) Related Keywords 

As an Amazon seller, you always need to have an idea of all the possible search terms and keywords related to your product so that you can use those keywords in product titles and descriptions to increase your chances of coming up on page one of the Amazon search results. As you may already know, only 30% of buyers proceed to page two. That is why, as an Amazon seller, it is very crucial to choose low-competition-related keywords for the product. The Amazon Seller Assistant Chrome extension gives you all the possible related keywords both for your search term and for any product with accurate search volume.  

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Amazon Seller Assistant extension is a very useful tool for all Amazon sellers. They can check the best sellers’ rank, product description, and launch date of any product on Amazon. Seller & brand name details can also be checked very easily. Sellers can also search related keywords with their search volume.
If you want to check the launch date of any product on Amazon without having to scroll down the Amazon product page then the quickest way to check this detail is by installing the Amazon seller Assistant Chrome extension.
AMZ (Amazon) Assistant Chrome extension is the most reliable & trusted Amazon sales estimator. It gives you the most accurate sales data.
It is very important to know about FBA fees as an Amazon India seller so that you can estimate the profit to cost ratio for all of your products. AMZ seller Assistant is the most reliable FBA fees calculator to give you accurate FBA fees details.

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