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IMPORTANT! uBlock Origin has nothing to do with the website "ublock.org".

  • These lists of filters can be loaded right out of the box and enforced.

  • uBlock Origin filter lists

  •  EasyList (ads).

  • EasyPrivacy (tracking).

  • Peter Lowe's Ad server List (ads, tracking)

  • Online Malicious URL Blocklist

You can choose from more lists if you want:

Fanboy's Enhanced Monitoring List

Dan Pollock's hosts files



-And many other things

You can also point-and-click JavaScript to block it locally or globally. Additionally, you can create your own global and local rules to override entries in filter lists.


  • Open source software with public license (GPLv3)

  • For users by users.

  • If you truly want to make a difference, consider the people who maintain the filter lists that you use. These filters were made freely available for everyone.


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