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"The ability to change your proxy's settings have never been more simple. Consider Switchy Omega as a more modern alternative to that ""Proxy Settings"" dialog, made to be simpler as well as faster and more powerful designed specifically for Chrome.No need to delve into the more advanced section of the Chrome settings. It is not necessary to repeatedly fill out and clear the proxy configuration dialog of the OS. Simply inform SwitchyOmega about all the proxy sites you use and switch with just one click in the pop-up menu. You can also instruct Auto Switch to use the appropriate proxy for the correct website automatically.

This extension will replace SwitchySharp, SwitchyPlus and Proxy Switchy. If you're using SwitchySharp the installation of this extension will transfer the entire profile and settings for you. In case of a backup alternative, you could also export your backup file manually using Switchy Sharp before importing it in SwitchyOmega.

Note: You can report any problems by right-clicking the extension icon and selecting""Report Issue"" in the context menu ""Report Issue"" in the context menu, so that I can identify and correct the issue quicker.

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