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Display web pages using IE within Chrome. Use Java, Silverlight, ActiveX, Sharepoint, and more.

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Chrome supports IE for display of web pages. You can use Java, Silverlight and ActiveX within Chrome.

IE Tab is a virtual version of Internet Explorer that allows you to test web pages using different versions of Internet Explorer (IE7 – IE11).

Note that IE Tab for Windows requires the use of a separate executable called ietabhelper.exe. The FAQ contains more information about this.

Non-personal use is prohibited for all versions of IE Tab. IE Tab Enterprise requires a license.

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  • create a list URLs that will open in IE Tab automatically

  • Group Policy support for enterprise deployments

  • Use the old IE rendering engine with confidence

  • Edit Sharepoint documents rather than opening them read-only

  • Chrome supports Java, Silverlight and ActiveX seamlessly


1. Why is ietabhelper.exe required? 

IE Tab uses Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. This rendering engine cannot be accessed directly from Chrome extensions. We need to use a helper process so that we can talk between the Chrome extension & the rendering engine.

2. Was IE Tab ever required to have this additional program?

No. Chrome supported NPAPI (the Netscape Plugin API), which allowed extensions to use local computer resources. IE Tab used this functionality to access Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. Chrome had removed NPAPI support so we had to create a new solution. This solution requires a separate executable. Technically, the only change was that our code went from an NPAPI.DLL file into a helper.EXE.

3. Is the IE Tab Helper app safe?

Absolutely! IE Tab uses native code since its inception. We take security very seriously for our 2+ million users. You can be sure that the executable for this helper is safe and reliable.
4. How do I automatically deploy the IE Tab Helper to an enterprise customer?
Contact us to learn more about enterprise deployment options.

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