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Reading is the best way to learn any new language. What could be better than learning unfamiliar words in other languages and their meanings in between languages you are fully comfortable with? So now you will be thinking, how is this helpful? According to a reputed study, it has been proven that if someone reads and learns new language words in context with a sentence or paragraph in their native language, the learning rate is much faster than the conventional methods. The Toucan Chrome extension is the best and most trusted tool for learning a new language in the same way.

How to use Toucan

  • Install the Toucan Chrome extension from the download button or get it from the Chrome Webstore. 

  • Click on the extension icon to enable it or pin it for quick access. 

  • You will see a pop-up after enabling the extension.  

  • Select your native language in which you are fully comfortable & select the language that you want to learn and click on Continue.   

  • Now click on the Allow option so that Toucan can smoothly assist you in learning a new language on all the websites. 

  • Sign up with your email address. 

  • Visit any website or webpage.  

  • Now, on the webpage, you will be able to see foreign language words in between your native language. Just hover over the words for which you want to know the meaning. 

  • Once you have done enough practice for a particular word, the Toucan Chrome Extension will not show the same word again very frequently. 

  • You can also pause the Toucan extension using the pause button and resume it whenever you want. 

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More details about Toucan – Language Learning

It is not so easy to learn a new language from scratch because you have to invest a lot of time and effort. Being able to speak a different language often aids in advancing an existing career or acquiring new clients from abroad. The practice of learning languages through reading and browsing is becoming more popular. Toucan is one of the best Chrome extensions that allow you to learn a foreign language while surfing the internet. 

Toucan lets you easily learn a new language while browsing different websites online. You can try out a new word or learn a new phrase in any language within the website’s content. Also, you will learn how foreign-language words work in sentences and how to utilize them. 

When you go to a website, Toucan will highlight some words. The highlighted words are translations from your native language to a different language, such as Spanish. Toucan will continue to change the words according to the speed at which you learn. 

Currently, on Toucan extension, you can learn 12 languages which are: –  

  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Portuguese 
  • Arabic 
  • Chinese (Mandarin) 
  • Hindi 
  • Hebrew 
  • Italian 
  • Portuguese 
  • German 
  • French 

Toucan Quizzes: 

Toucan is an excellent extension to practice, read and learn new languages or words in a quick time. Here’s is the guide on how you enhance your vocabulary by taking Toucan quizzes: 

  1. Hover over any highlighted text or word and then click the practice option. 
  2. Toucan will guide you through exercises like speaking and writing, and listening. 
  3. When you have sufficiently practiced a word and marked it as I know this. You can take quizzes on that particular word or phrase. 

Toucan Games: 

Toucan users can also improve their language skills by playing different games.  Here are some of the steps by which you can access personalized games: 

  1. Visit any Wikipedia page 
  2. Now you will see the Toucan logo on the page. Click on the Let’s practice option. 
  3. Enjoy and learn language by playing tailor-made mini-games. 

How To Check Daily Progress on Toucan Chrome extension? 

To check your daily progress on language learning, you need to click on the extension icon to enable it and then you can select the Progress option at the bottom left corner. Users can also claim a particular word by clicking on Claim it option.  

FAQ's for Toucan

The Toucan Chrome extension enables you to learn a new language while you are browsing the internet. It changes your native language words inside a paragraph or sentence to a foreign language word so that when you hover over that word, you can get the translation in your native language and you can easily understand the exact meaning of that word in context with your native language.
The basic version of Toucan is completely free to use. But if you need more advanced features like quizzes, games, reviewing saved words and a personalized language learning experience, then you can upgrade to the premium version also.
If you want to learn & read Japanese, Portuguese, French, Korean & Spanish, English and other popular languages then Toucan is the most reliable and trusted extension.
At the moment Toucan is only available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave browsers as an extension. Toucan app is currently not available on Google play store & Apple app store.

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