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The Volume Master Chrome Extension increases volume levels by 600%. It is a very trusted and safe volume booster extension. Volume Master is compatible with all audio and video streaming platforms, including some of the most popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Master volume is completely safe for your speakers because it uses a tried and tested sound injection technique.

How to use Volume Master

  • Install the Volume Master extension from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store. 

  • You can pin the extension to access it quickly. 

  • Now open any tab & play any audio or video. 

  • Click the extension icon to enable it. 

  • You will see a volume slider bar to control the sound levels after enabling the extension. 

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More details about Volume Master

Sometimes it becomes necessary to increase the volume levels beyond the maximum when watching favorite YouTube videos or playing games on your laptop or computer. The Volume Master extension is a safe and handy tool to enhance the sound volume to your desired level. If you are a music lover, you will be happy to know that The Volume master extension can boost music bass up to 600 per cent. The extension runs smoothly on every Windows version.  

Volume master is known for enhancing audio levels using APO effects and sound injection techniques. Audio Booster is a simple and safe chrome extension that can increase sound volume on your computer or laptop by 600 percent. 

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Key features of Volume Master

  • Increase the volume level by 600%. 
  • Completely safe extension for speakers. 
  • Easy user interface. 
  • Volume levels can be adjusted using a simple slider bar. 
  • Free to use & completely secure. 
  • Works on all audio & video streaming platforms. 

Who can use Volume Master?

Volume Master is a handy tool for music lovers, all online streamers for Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and other audio and video streaming platforms to enhance sound levels with master volume sound booster.

Volume Master For Netflix

Netflix is the most popular OTT platform worldwide. We watch Netflix videos for at least a few hours per week. Low speaker volumes on your desktop or laptop computer can cause problems with Netflix. This can also be an issue if there are noisy surroundings. This problem can be easily solved by the volume master, which can safely increase volume levels above the maximum limit.

Use Cases Of Master Volume 

Here are some of the use cases of this powerful sound booster:

Boost Headphone Volume 

If you are facing a low sound output problem on your headphones, then Volume Master is the one tool that is worth giving a chance. It can boost low sound levels significantly and take volume levels up to 600%.

At Home, You Can Have a Theater-Like Experience

Master Volume is such a powerful volume booster that it can provide you with loud volume levels while watching a movie that would otherwise be possible only in theaters.

Enhance Zoom & Google Meet Sound Level 

This extension is fully compatible with Zoom and Google Meet and can enhance low audio levels on these meeting platforms significantly, up to 600%. If you face low audio levels or are not able to hear meeting conversations, then this tool has been specially developed for you only.


FAQ's for Volume Master

Volume master extension is a trusted sound increaser extension. You can easily enhance sound levels on all content streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. It can boost sound levels up to 600%.
Yes Volume Master extension is entirely safe for your speakers. It uses a very safe sound injection technique to boost sound levels on your laptop & computer.
No currently Volume master app is not available for iOS & Android. You can use the Volume booster pro app on your android phone to enhance sound.
Volume master Chrome extension is the safest tab volume controller & you can enhance sound level by up to 600%.

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