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“Okta Browser Plugin secures your passwords and secures you into your personal and personal apps.The biggest organizations in the world and more than 100 million users depend on Okta to connect to applications both within and outside their organizations confident they are secure.

By using the Okta browser Plugin you can: 

  • Sign in automatically to your personal and business apps in just one simple click

  • Add your own apps into Okta

  • Quickly generate random strong passwords in the background for every app you use

  • You can easily access your Okta dashboard applications and tabs as well as your dashboard.

  • You can easily and safely move between different Okta accounts

  • You will require the Okta account to access the Okta Browser plugin. If you are unable to access your Okta account through the Okta Browser Plugin or any other means you should contact your IT administrator.

  • Follow the link below to find out about the latest version updates:”


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