Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

Ecosia Chrome extension changes your default search engine to Ecosia. It also customizes your new tab page to allow you to plant new trees with every search.

How to use Ecosia

  • Install the Ecosia Chrome extension from the download button given below or get it from the chrome web store.  

  • Click on the Ecosia extension icon to enable it.  

  • Now click on allow the option to set it as your default browser.  

Ecosia Extension Details

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More details about Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

Privacy is more than just promises 

We care about trees and not your data. We don’t save searches, don’t track which websites you visit, don’t sell your data, and all searches are SSL-encrypted and completely secure. 

How it Ecosia work? 

Ecosia, a search engine similar to Google, is very different. It uses ad revenues to plant trees in areas where nature and people most need them. Ecosia has planted millions of trees in Brazil, Spain, Indonesia, Spain, and many other biodiversity hotspots. 

Positive CO2 

It is not enough to be CO2 neutral. Each of your searches removes approximately 1 kg of CO2. 

Radical transparency 

It is important to earn trust. We publish our financial reports monthly and tree-planting receipts online. A legal contract also required us to remain true to our non-profit cause forever. 

FAQ's for Ecosia

Ecosia Chrome extension is a search engine similar to Google. Once you set your default browser to Ecosia, generated ad revenue will be used for tree plantation.
Just install the extension from the download button & click to enable it to set it as your default browser. Ad revenues will be donated to plant new trees all over the world.
Don’t worry. We neither save any searches nor sell your data. All the searches you make on the Ecosia search engine are secure & SSL encrypted.
Is Ecosia safe? Yes Ecosia is a completely safe search engine. It does not sell your data nor does it save your searches for targeted ads. It only plants tress from the ad revenues all over the world.

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