Save to Facebook

Save to Facebook

Save to Facebook is a chrome extension to save the videos you on your Facebook collection. There are a lot of videos we see and fail to save, with this extension you can save them in your Facebook collection with one click and watch it later. These videos are saved in your collection and are protected by privacy terms.

How to use Save to Facebook

  1. Install the save to Facebook chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting the Chrome Webstore

  2. Pin the extension for quick access

  3. The icon appears on the extension bar, log in to your Facebook account with the option there

  4. While watching any video, click on the extension icon and you will see the save option next to the list of your collections. Click that and save your videos.

  5. You can also watch the already saved videos in this extension section.

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More details about Save to Facebook

This is a chrome extension, used to save videos online. Whenever you see a video, be it cooking, workout, humor, or any videos of your interest we either download it or bookmark it. But we can’t be sure to find them again to watch later. With this extension, you can save any video you see online with one click. When watching a video, click the extension icon and click the save option, your videos are saved to your Facebook video collections, where you can watch them any number of times. These videos are saved on your collections based on your privacy terms, they can be accessed only by you. Already saved videos can be seen with the view all saves option on this extension bar. Some key features of this extension are as follows, 

  • Privacy is ensured with this extension as it does not collect any of your personal information. This extension is linked with Facebook only to save your video and hence Facebook login credentials are needed to start this extension 
  • There are no limits to the number of videos you store through this extension
  • This is a free extension 
  • Saved videos are safe under Facebook your collections privacy terms. 
  • You can create as many collections according to your need and save the videos to them 
  • To watch the saved videos, click the view all saves and you will be directed to Facebook saved and collection option to view them
  • You can watch the saved videos anytime and anywhere from your Facebook account

FAQ's for Save to Facebook

This extension Save to Facebook helps to save any videos onlineto your facebook collection
Yes your saved videos safe with the save to facebook extension
No, save to facebook is not a paid extension
No, save to facebook extension does not collect your personal details

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