MetaMask is a very popular and well-known browser extension that functions as a crypto wallet and connects to the Ethereum blockchain.

How to use MetaMask

  • Install the MetaMask Chrome extension from the download button given below or it can also be installed from the Chrome Webstore. 

  • After the successful installation, click on the “Get Started” option. This will take you to “Create a Wallet” option. 

  • In the next dialogue box, you can accept or deny the suggestion to improve “MetaMask.” 

  • After this step, you’ll be asked to create your password. MetaMask recommends a password consisting of eight characters that include numbers, letters, and symbols. Click “Create” and then note down the seed backup phrase, which is comprised of 12 words. 

MetaMask Extension Details

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More details about MetaMask

The Metamask Chrome extension allows users to interact with the Ethereum network, which houses an array of apps that are decentralized, without needing to install the complete blockchain on their devices. This makes it the most popular Ethereum wallet solution that allows ease of access to exchanges that are decentralized, gaming platforms as well as a variety of other applications.  

The wallet works with the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Microsoft Edge. Apart from holding Ethereum’s native currency, it also stores ETH. MetaMask extension is also able to store tokens based on the ERC-20, ERC-20, and ERC-721 standards. 


Key Features Of MetaMask Chrome Extension:- 

  • Superior encryption technology 
  • Securely saves private keys and passwords on every device used by the user 
  • One of the most secured Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet 
  • It permits users to connect with multiple different wallets 
  • With MetaMask extension users can easily switch between Ethereum mainnet, main testnets, as well as to the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. 

FAQ's for MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the most trusted browser extensions that acts as a cryptocurrency wallet and also connected to Ethereum blockchain.
Just click on Google Play Store app on your android phone & search “MetaMask- Blockchain Wallet” and simply download the app.
It is very to install MetaMask on Chrome. Just visit Chrome webstore & search MetaMask to install it.
In a nutshell yes it is a very secure wallet. MetaMask is lauded for its industry-leading encryption technology. Until now, it has remained unhacked.

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