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“Malwarebytes browser Guard makes web surfing safer and more efficient. It blocks malicious websites and trackers, and filters out unwanted ads. It can actually make browsing four times faster. Malwarebytes Browser Guardian is able to eliminate pop-ups and browser hijackers with ease. We fight the bad guys so that you don’t have.
Malwarebytes Browser Protect is available now for an amazing online experience.
It does this for you:

  • Block ads and load pages quicker

  • This blocks unwanted content and speeds up the display of web pages. It also provides a cleaner user experience and increases bandwidth.

  • Tech support scammers are getting the worst of it

  • It identifies and stops browser hijackers, browser lockers, and other scare tactics tech support fraudsters use to con you into paying them.

  • Protect your privacy

  • Trackers called blocks that track you on the Internet and show you the same ads repeatedly.

  • Stop malware from your browser

  • It blocks malicious web pages, stops cryptojackers (unwanted cryptocurrency miners) from accessing your browser and allows you to view other malicious content.


Tracker protection/advertising: This protects you from third-party advertisements and trackers that track your online activity. Your browser will display the number of blocked ads and blocked trackers for a site in addition to the Malwarebytes logo.

Protection against scams:;Blocks all online scams including technical support scams and browser lockers.
Protection against potentially unwanted program (PUP), which blocks the downloading of potentially unwanted software, such as toolbars or pop-ups.
Browser-level Malware Protection: Blocks malicious code or programs that could damage your system.”


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