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  • This extension gives you proxy-free Web security with a transparent single sign-on login and reports that are based on the user's Chromebook. iboss Connect for Chromebook integrates with an iboss Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and is charged with security of Chromebooks to provide Web protection and policies enforcement. It provides the following features:

  • Streamlines the deployment and management of Chromebooks within your organization.

  • Extends the iboss role-based access and security policies across Chromebooks regardless of whether they are in the premises on vacation or at home

  • Permits user-based reports for directory users and visibility of threats across your organization from one single pane of glass management console.

  • Increases the ability of your company to recognize high-risk users and to respond to active infections quicker to minimize loss of data and ensure legal compliance both on and off-network.

  • Offers a more enjoyable experience for the end-user and a decrease in assistance desk calls.

  • Supports Google Apps Directory Synch (GADS).

  • It's simple to implement needing the administrator of the network to send the Iboss Chromebook Extension through the Google Administrator Account to the managed Chromebooks. On-premises Chromebooks will automatically be bound to user groups or directories to the access and security rules for every user. If Chromebooks are on-premises this extension will be able to detect them and then filter traffic requests. There is no need for a proxy whether in- or off-premises All activity and activities are controlled via the central Iboss Threat and Event Console in order to guarantee security and conformity.


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