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The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the videos as if you were in the cinema. Works for YouTube™ and beyond.

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The page will go dark by clicking on the lamp button. The page will automatically focus on the video. Clicking on the button again will bring the page back to normal. It is compatible with all video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. These extensions work with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera as well as Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Yandex, Opera and Google Chrome.

This browser extension has some great features:

  • Click on the button to turn on the lights again

  • Support multiple video sites: YouTube HTML5 video and many more

  • Personalize YouTube

  • Auto HD: Allows videos to automatically play in HD. You can choose from high res >8K > 5K>>>4K>1080p>720p>360p>240p>240p>144p>default

Auto Wide: Plays the video in the widest possible mode automatically

and many more

Easter Eggs

  • Shortcut key: T-> Do you want a true movie theatre experience?

  • The option to darken the screen when the user clicks the play button

  •  You can toggle between the fade-in and fade-out effects

  •  Custom colors

  •  Flash Detection Option

  • Option to show Dimness Level Bar

  •  Option Eye Protection when it's dark. Also available with blacklist/whitelist filter

  •  Optional atmosphere lighting that glows around the video player

  •  Option to display the dark layer at the top of your window

Optional shortcut keys:

  • To toggle the lights, use Ctrl + Shift+ L

  • Alt + F10 to activate/disable Eye Protection

  • Alt + (arrow up), to increase the transparency

  • To decrease the opacity, use Alt + (arrow down).

  • To toggle all tabs open, press Alt + 

  •  Option Camera Motion

  • Option Speech Recognition

  •  Mouse wheel volume control for each HTML5 player

  • Alt + F8 to restore default opacity Alt + F9 to preserve the current opacity value

  •  Add a filter to the HTML5 video player (grayscale and sepia invert, contrast, saturation, hue rotation, brightness)

  •  The option to display the Audio Visualization effect over the HTML5 video (Blocks Frequency, Music Tunnel)

  •  You can fill the HTML5 video player on your entire tab

  • You can loop the HTML5 video player

  •  You can place the Night Mode button to toggle YouTube in white or black. Also available with whitelist/blacklist filter

  • Time stamp: In the time specified, activate the Night Mode

  • Blackout: Dims web page and activates Night Mode

  •  Stop YouTube and HTML5 videos automatically playing

  •  Option Video Screen capture for YouTube & all HTML5 video players

  • You can customize the screenshot by adding filters like Invert, Blur and Saturation to one frame. Finally, save the screenshot in PNG, JPEG or BMP image formats

  •  Zoom option in video player

  •  HTML5 Video Playback Rate Option


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