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Price prediction and alerts
We have over 80 e-commerce sites product database. This comes with the historical pricing of each and individual products over the last 2 year. By analyzing this data we will predict the pricing of a product over the next 2 months. You can also view the realtime price tracking

In addition to realtime price tracking, we will also offer price drop alerts. By subscribing to Price alerts you will get all the further updates whenever the product price goes down. We can also offer custom price tracking for a set of shopping sites or products
Scraping as a service and all previously scraped data
To extract the data from a webpage the only major source is to run the scraper. We have scraped over 80 shopping sites and extracted more than 500 million products data. So if you are the one looking for any web scraping services then we can definitely deliver the data of your needs.

To extract the realtime data you can use a scraper but how can someone get the data of previous years? For this reason, we have been collecting the historical data of E-commerce sites. This can help you analyze the business plan over the years and what will be their marketing strategies for the future.
Classifying or grouping a set of data points will need so many requirements and many hours of manual work. So with the help of our categorization service, you can easily group all of the products under one category or to any set of categories. Work with any type of text classification.
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