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vidIQ Vision Chrome extension provides you with accurate optimization data that can significantly improve the performance of your YouTube videos, subscriber engagement, and promotion opportunities. It gives you all the required data to grow your YouTube channel rapidly.

How to use vidIQ Vision youtube

  • Install the vidIQ Chrome extension from the download button given below, or you can also get it from the Chrome web store.

  • After installing the extension, sign in to your vidIQ account.

  • Give the necessary permissions and click the Allow button.

  • Now that everything is set up start using vidIQ and keep growing your YouTube channel

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More details about vidIQ Vision Chrome Extension for YouTube

If you own a YouTube channel or are a content creator, do you know about the points given below?  

How are videos ranked in search? -From where do the “recommended videos” come? What is a good YouTube SEO? -How does social media play an important role in audience development? What is trending on YouTube? -What content is your audience searching for?   

vidIQ’s Chrome extension will answer all these questions. You will receive unique optimization data that can significantly improve the performance of your videos, subscriber engagement, and promotional opportunities. vidIQ offers a variety of amazing features, including:  

Video Velocity: The velocity feature lets you quickly identify which YouTube videos are currently going viral by analyzing the acceleration of the number of views.  

vidIQ Competitors tool: Gain insights into your competitors’ activities to rank high and gain significant views and subscribers. You can follow your competitors and use what they do for your YouTube strategy.   

Average Watch Time: With this powerful tool, you can easily keep track of the average watch time data of the videos.  

vidIQ score: every YouTube video is ranked using a proprietary cross-platform algorithm. vidIQ assigns an optimization score to the video to predict whether it will be promoted in Related Videos or Search.  

YouTube Channel Audit: vidIQ will quickly show you how your content is performing and which issues you need to address to optimize your videos.  

Key features of vidIQ Chrome extension:-   

  • This Chrome extension allows you to make a performance comparison with your competitor’s YouTube Channel.  
  • vidIQ gives you accurate YouTube analytics to optimize your videos in a short time.  
  • You will get powerful AI recommendations to boost your video performance.   
  • You can easily do subscriber analysis for your YouTube channel.  

FAQ's for vidIQ Vision youtube

VidIQ Chrome extension is a set of powerful tools that every YouTube creator must have to grow his/her YouTube channel rapidly.
Yes, you can. Just visit the Google play store app on your phone and, search “vidIQ” & download the app.
Yes it is a completely safe & secure Chrome extension that can help you boost your YouTube channel’s performance very quickly.
Yes, you can easily do keyword research on the vidIQ app. It also shows you the top channels for the same search term.

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