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Install the Font Finder Chrome extension and check font size, font color, font style, font family, line height, and font weight with ease. Font Finder for Chrome extensions has been developed specifically for web designers, typographers, and developers. You will be able to analyze and find the page’s font information and copy it to the clipboard.

How to Use Font Finder

  • Install the Font Finder for Chrome from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store.  

  • Visit any webpage on which you need to find the font details. 

  • Now click on the extension icon to enable it or you can also pin the extension for quick access.  

  • Move the pointer to specific word on current web page.  

  • Once you click on the word you will get all the details about font.  

Key features of Font Finder

We come across many fonts daily on the web pages. Finding the perfect font can be difficult. You need to identify the right font immediately after you spot one. Otherwise, it could be lost forever. Sometimes we like a font but don’t know its name, size, color, or family. The Font Finder for Chrome helps you quickly identify fonts from any web page. 

Font Family Checker – Font family is the property in which a specific size or style of a font is available. 

Font Style Checker- Font – The font style refers to the appearance of all characters in a word. 

Font Size Checker- It refers to how large or small a text is.  

Font-Weight Checker – Font value determines how light or bold your text will be. 

Line height Checker – The line height value gives you the value of vertical height of a specific text line. 

Font Color Checker – Font color refers to RGB & HEX values of the word. 


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FAQ's for Font Finder

Font finder extension lets you check font size, color, style, family, font-weight. You can identify & check all the font related information using this extension.
Font finder for Chrome is a reliable chrome extension to identify font information on the webpage & it gives accurate details about a font.
Download the secure Font Finder for Chrome from the download button. Once you install the extension just move the pointer to a specific font simply click on it & all the font information will be available on your screen.
Yes. Font Finder for Chrome is the safest & easy to use extension and you can easily check font size, font color, font style & some other font related information.

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