Sound booster

Sound Booster

Download the reliable and trusted sound booster to increase volume levels by up to 400% across all online audio and video multimedia platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Disney+Hotstar. It allows you to manage audio levels with a simple and handy slider bar and is 100% safe and secure for your speaker.

How to Use Sound Booster

Here are the steps to download and use the audio booster extension on Chrome:-

  • Install the audio booster extension from the download button given below, or you can also get it from the Chrome Webstore.

  • You can also pin the extension for quick access.

  • Open the video or audio on any online streaming platform.

  • Now just click on the extension icon to enable it.

  • You will see a slider bar to adjust the volume levels after enabling the Sound Booster extension.

  • Simply increase or decrease volume levels using this slider bar controller.

Key features of Sound Booster

The Volume Booster extension is a very useful extension for you if you consume most of the video content on your laptop and desktop PC. Here are some of the key features of Volume Booster:

  1. Boosts audio levels by up to 400
  2. It’s completely safe & secure for your speakers
  3. Works smoothly on Windows & MAC platforms
  4. Increase the volume with easy slider control
  5. All online audio-video and OTT platforms are supported.

Increase The YouTube Volume By Up To 400%

It is a handy tool for increasing the volume of YouTube videos. Users can increase the audio levels even when the system volume is set to the highest. With this tool, users can easily enhance audio levels by up to 400% on both Windows and Mac. 

Enjoy Netflix at a Higher Audio Level 

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms worldwide. We regularly spend a few minutes to a few hours on Netflix. But the low speaker volume of your laptop or desktop PC can upset the Netflix experience, which can be a major issue if you have noisy surroundings. The Netflix audio booster can easily take care of this problem because it can increase volume levels beyond the maximum limit very safely. 

Amazon Prime Audio Booster

The Sound Booster is compatible with all popular media streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime. Users can use this extension with Amazon Prime as well. 

Disney + Hotstar

The sound enhancer also enables you to enjoy any web series or movies with increased audio levels on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

Sound booster

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FAQ's for Sound Booster

Sound Booster is very useful tool which is used to increase and decrease the volume across all online audio & video platforms and it can boost the volume by up to 400. 
Sound Booster is definitely the best sound booster extension which is completely safe for your speakers. It can increase the volume by up to 400%.  
Yes, Sound Booster is 100% safe to use extension. Sound uses APO effects and sound injection techniques to boost the volume that is why it is trusted by so many users.   
You can use Sound Booster extension across all audio & video platforms. It supports any tab on your Chrome browser. 

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