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Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts – record video from your screen.

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It is used by millions of users on various platforms. Screen capture complete or part screenshots of any size with our screencast recorder. Our powerful image editor and screencast tool lets you annotate screencasts, edit them and even screencast them.
Screencasts Record videos from your webcam or screen by using the screen recorder
Screencasts of Trim and Crop
Our editor has tools, including background color change and text that changes color. Let your photos and images pop by including texture and color.
Screen recorders allow you to convert video files to GIF or MP4 with the video recording tool.
Capture screen shots
Click here to take a screenshot the entire screen, cast or simply scroll the page to record a particular section with our screenshot tool (screenshot Capture).
Scrolling is utilized in the case of capturing websites.

  • Capture the browser's entire window and then edit it.

  • Capture and quickly edit the content of your web page.

  • Make your own model or draw on the canvas. Screencasts can also be recorded with the screen recorder (screen recorder) and then shared with other users.

  • To create a screencast, create a video of your screen onto an electronic screen.

  • Record video from any active application.

  • Screencast recorder webcam permits you to record video using your webcam.

  • You can apply an image watermark on the clip (Premium).

  • You can adjust how your screen displays frame rates and resolutions.

  • Utilize the video recorder to mark the video footage using different shapes like rectangles and Arrows.

  • Convert WebM to MP4 or GIF (Premium).

  • Crop your video using video recorder (Premium).

  • Trim your video recording (Premium).

  • Save screencast on your computer, or to Nimbus Note.

  • Publish screencasts on YouTube (Premium).

  • Upload video files via Google Drive and Dropbox (Premium).

  • Edit your screenshots

  • Add text and graphics boxes.

  • Crop and change the size.

  • Make the arrows or stickers.

  • Highlight the text.

  • Remove sensitive data from specific sections (Premium)

  • Include Watermarks (premium).

  • Find a link that could be shared with other people

  • Utilize our capture tool to save your screenshots as JPG or PNG format.

  •  Save to Nimbus Note.

  •  Share and upload files quickly without registration

  •  Send to Slack

  •  Upload to Google Drive and Google Classroom

  •  Upload to Dropbox (Premium).

  •  Save as a PDF with the power of editor and capture.