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A cloud-based password manager that makes it easy to log in to your favorite sites.

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“Norton Password Manager allows you to securely store and manage passwords in an encrypted vault that you only have access to.

  • The app includes a built-in password generator that allows you to create unique secure passwords for all of your accounts.

  •  Store addresses and wallet information such as bank accounts and credit cards are available online so that you can quickly complete forms to speed up shopping.

  • Notes can be saved such as frequent flyer numbers and passport numbers so that you have all your important information at hand.

To perform the necessary functions this extension uses permissions to produce the following Chrome messages.

Read and modify all data from the websites you visit

  • This section lists permissions required to provide password manager features on all pages that you visit.

  • Auto-opening and closing new tabs for vault opening displaying vault contents and changing passwords.

  • When you are browsing webpages you can search for product controls (badges in form fields or popup windows with lists containing logins) by clicking on the links.

Modify data that you copy and paste:


  • These permissions are required to allow convenient clipboard use of selected vault data (e.g. A login username or password.

  • Display notifications

  • For alerts about important vault changes or an error please show permission.

New background app added


  • Norton Password Manager will start at system startup. It will continue running in the background even after you close all other Google Chrome windows.

  • Permission required to allow the extension to run. This will reduce startup time and decrease the need for vault authentication.

  • This extension uses permissions that aren’t displayed in Chrome to perform certain functions.

  • Permissions for “”webRequest”” or “”webRequestBlocking””.

  • This is required to authenticate access to your vault.

  • Permission to “”storage””

  • This extension stores and retrieves settings data.

You agree to the License and Services Agreement by using this add-on”