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Stylish lets you customize your favorite websites according to your wish. You can add your desired theme to any of the websites. Stylish has the largest library of unique themes. After installing stylish, you can change the red YouTube theme to blue and your favorite search engine Google into dark mode. Install it now & experiment with what suits you best.

How to use Stylish

  • Install the extension from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store.

  • Visit any website that you would like to see with a changed theme.

  • Click on the extension icon to enable it.

  • Now you will see two options – Library & Installed.

  • Click on the Library option if you want to search for your desired theme & click on the Install option to enable the theme on your website.

  • Click on the Installed option to Edit and Delete the current theme.

Stylish Extension Details

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More details about Stylish – Custom themes for any website

Stylish enables you to create your own version of the internet. Choose from hundreds of thousands of themes for some of the most popular websites like YouTube and Facebook. You can also customize website background color schemes and social media accounts fonts and animations.

  • You can easily add or remove any custom theme on your website.
  • Stylish’s CSS editor allows you to create and share user styles with millions of others.
  • It enables you to apply your creativity on millions of websites.
  • More than 3 million users trust stylish.
  • You can learn CSS and become a theme designer.
  • You can create and share your styles with everyone.

FAQ's for Stylish

Stylish Chrome extension enables you to change & customize themes on any website on the internet.
Just Install the stylish chrome extension & easily change YouTube theme according to your choice by using thousands of themes available in Stylish extension.
Yes you can. All you need to do is install the Stylish Chrome extension & Change any website theme according to your choice.
You can enable dark mode on the Chrome browser by installing the Stylish Chrome extension. You can also change any website theme using this extension.

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