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Google Chrome’s Read&Write(tm), which is intuitive and simple to use, provides personalized support for making documents, web pages, and common file types in Google Drive (including Google Docs, PDF & ePub). It is designed to make digital content more accessible to everyone.


  • Text-to speech to hear passages, words, or entire documents read aloud using easy-to follow dual-color highlighting

  • Use text and picture dictionaries to understand the meaning of words

  • Speech-to-text allows you to dictate words for writing, proofreading, and studying.

  • Word prediction provides suggestions for the next or current word that you are typing

  • Highlights from documents and the internet can be used to summarize and research.

  • You can create and listen to voice messages directly within Google Docs

  • Reduce distractions by simplifying and summarizing text on web pages

  • For 30 days, install Read&Write on Google Chrome to get all of these features for free!

  • Teachers can receive a free premium subscription to Read&Write Google Chrome. Register and activate your subscription.


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