Phantom Chrome extension enables you to store, send, receive, swap tokens, and collect NFTs via the Solana blockchain.

How to use Phantom

  • Install the Phantom extension from the Chrome web store or get it from the Chrome web store.  

  • Click the extension icon to enable it or you can also use the Ctrl+Alt+P key to open the extension.  

  • After enabling the extension, you will see Send & Deposit options. You can do transactions by clicking on these two options.  

  • If English is not your native language, then you can easily change the language by clicking on the setting option.  

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More details about Phantom

Phantom Chrome extension uses Solana blockchain and it lets you store, send and receive tokens. You can also swap tokens or collect NFTs using Phantom. The phantom extension allows users to access distributed apps on the Solana Blockchain. It inserts an object into each website’s Java script context so that decentralized apps can interact with your wallet. Phantom allows users to establish and manage their identity using Mnemonics, private keys, and hardware wallets, such as Ledger. Phantom gives a secure interface that allows scrutinizing and accepting the transactions before approving or rejecting them. 

When people are first introduced to blockchains and decentralized apps, wallets are the first thing they see. These wallets can make or break an individual’s experience using these applications and the underlying blockchains. These new technologies are maturing, and there is an explosion in new applications and new networks of blockchains that keep up with the demand. The wallet is responsible for being the gateway to the multi-chain world. The Phantom Chrome extension provides a user-first, thoughtfully designed product experience that will enable the next generation of crypto users to join their ranks. 


FAQ's for Phantom

Phantom Chrome extension lets you store, send, receive & swap tokens. Phantom allows you to collect NFTs using Solana blockchain.
Phantom is a reliable and trusted Chrome extension. On its official website, it has been mentioned that Phantom will never have access to your private keys or funds & it has been independently audited by a trusted firm.
The Phantom app is available for both platforms Android & iOS mobiles. You can download the phantom app by visiting Google play store & Apple app store.
Phantom extension can be installed & easily used on Brave, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

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