Google Meet Tweak (Emojis

Google Meet Tweak (Emojis, Text, Cam Effects)

Google meet tweak is a chrome extension that is used to publish text overlays, emojis, cam effects, and layouts to convey a message or meet that is visible to all the meeting attendees. These emojis and reactions appear on the top of your videos. This also happens even when the chat is off during the meeting.

How to use Google Meet Tweak

  1. Install the google meet tweak chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting the Chrome Webstore 

  2. Pin the extension for quick access

  3. Once the extension icon appears, it gains access whenever there is a meeting on google meet and zoom.

  4. Tap on the extension icon to enjoy the features

Google Meet Tweak Extension Details

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More details about Google Meet Tweak (Emojis, Text, Cam Effects)

Google meet tweak is a chrome extension used in Google meet and zoom. This extension is sponsored by This extension is used to send emojis, text overlays, camera effects, and emojis to the meeting. This helps send your message or mood to all the meeting attendees even when the chat option is turned off. You can also change these emojis and text effects anytime during the meeting. With advanced video controls, you can pinpoint the controls of your webcam to add focus to the part of your video in order to create any special effects. With this extension, you can record the meetings without attending them and also get a video sent to you to watch later. Some cool features of this extension are, 

  • There are no sensitive permissions requested by this extension 
  • The text overlay will adjust automatically to fit the size of the webcam
  • With one right-click you can select and insert the emojis on the webcam display
  • Apply some advanced camera controls like rotate, scale, mirror, flip, letterbox, and pillar box
  • No data are stored by this extension
  • Customize the look of any mood or occasion with options like exposure and contrast, temperature and tint, hue and saturation, sepia and blur, fade, and vignette.

FAQ's for Google Meet Tweak

with this extension you can send text overlays, emojis and camera effects in google or zoom meeting.
Yes, it is possible to use this extension’s features when chat is off
Features like emojis, text overlays, camera effects and some advanced camera controls in this extension
No, this extension does not store any of your data

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