CatchOn Insight

CatchOn Insight

CatchOn is a chrome extension, which is a complete data analytic tool useful for all the administrative leaders in schools all over the globe. This extension helps in providing an overview of the efficiency of their investments and technology integration.

How to use CatchOn Insight

  1. Install the CatchOn chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting the Chrome Webstore 

  2. Pin the extension for quick access

  3. You will find the logo in your extensions area, click on that and you will find a link directing you to the website

  4. You can then log in with your credentials and use CatchOn

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More details about CatchOn Insight

CatchOn is a data analytic tool chrome extension that is very useful for administrative leaders. this helps the leaders get an insight into the potency of their integrations and technology investments. This extension is widely used all over 28000 schools globally. With CatchOn, over 20 million students are benefitted in 39 countries. This extension is presented by lightspeed systems and solutions. CatchOn is being used for more than 20 years. This extension helps both administrators and the students. A few key features that make this extension the best for you to use

  • Achievements- use the advantage of the real-time data, so that the students always stay ahead of the curve 
  • Improved training- enhance the training by identifying the setbacks with the tools available in this extension
  • Investments tracking- evaluate renewals of this software by actual usage and financial data, and not based on the surveys.
  • Privacy of students’ data- all the data and information of your students’ are held safe 
  • Detection of the trend- know why and how any known and unknown apps purposes  
  • Manage subscriptions- you can manage all your licenses, ROI, costs, and renewals with easy dashboard access at any time. 
  • Demo session- demo sessions are available for the users that explain the in-and-out of this extension
  • Visibility customization- customize the visibility of the dashboard to your staff on what all information they can view. 

FAQ's for CatchOn Insight

CatchOn is an extension that helps the administrative leaders to make data informed decisions.
The main purpose of this extension is that it provides a complete insight of the efficacy of the technology and intergerations in their institutions.
This extension is useful to both administration leaders and students.
Yes there is a demo module available for this extension by filling in a form available on the website

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