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Setup VPN enables you to access any blocked website. With just one click, you can bypass any blocked website by your school, government or company. Setup VPN is completely free and gives you unlimited bandwidth.

How to use SetupVPN

  • Install the Setup VPN Chrome extension from the download button below or ge5t it from the Chrome web store.  

  • Click on the extension icon to enable it or you can also pin the extension for quick access.  

  • Sign up with your Email address if you are a new user or directly sign in to Setup VPN.  

  • Now click on any location given under the Free tab to activate the VPN. 

  • If you need to unlock more locations then you will need to upgrade to premium version. 

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More details about SetupVPN – Lifetime Free VPN

With just one click, the Setup VPN Chrome extension allows you to block any website that is allowed in your country, college or organization. SetupVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth.  

You can browse on public WiFi hotspots or school networks using SetupVPN’s military-grade encryption technology. SetupVPN Extension provides online privacy at an extremely high level. There are over 100 servers around the globe. You can access, read, and see any content not available in your region. You can change your IP address, location, and encrypt your connection. 

Why do You need a VPN?  

Your traffic is routed to a VPN server through an encrypted tunnel when you use any VPN service. Your internet service provider will not be able to see the web traffic. Your activities will not be visible to anyone, including your ISP. 

Your real IP address is hidden because your traffic appears to be coming from the VPN server. It makes it difficult to track you when you surf the internet. Also, IP addresses are geographically distributed, so your real location will be hidden. This is very useful if you wish to hide your actual location. 


FAQ's for SetupVPN

Setup VPN Chrome extension allows you to unblock any website that is not permitted in your country or organization.
No. Currently Setup VPN app is not available but you can use this VPN as a Chrome extension.
Yes definitely. Set up VPN Chrome extension is completely safe & secure Chrome extension to use.
Yes, it is. If you need to unlock more locations, the pro version will be required; otherwise, the free version will suffice.

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