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Unblock any blocked website in your country, school or company. It’s free and easy to use.

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You can bypass any website restricted by your school, government or business with only one click. SetupVPN is available with UNLIMITED bandwidth and is free for all! Secure your internet activities with security of military-grade encryption when connecting to public WiFi hotspots, school networks or the company's network.

 SetupVPN is a high-quality Wi-Fi service that provides security and privacy online.
With over 100 servers scattered across the world, SetupVPN lets you access all content that isn't available in your region at work, at home or at school. Just change the location of your server, secure your connection, and then change your address.

No technical expertise is needed. Just download the extension, create an account and then you're done! Change your location against online trackers. Stop websites from collecting your personal details.
SetupVPN is the most straightforward method of setting up an VPN server!

SetupVPN is available with:

  • UNLIMITED and completely free VPN server

  • There are no bandwidth nor speed limits.

  • 4096 bit encryption of military grade

SetupVPN requires the following permissions:

storage: To keep a the configuration file as well as the current status of the extension
proxy permission: It permits SetupVPN to route your data through a server in a different country. It also allows you to access restricted websites within your region.

notifications: Keeps users updated on whether their connections were successful, or failed. In addition, it alerts the user whenever it disconnects from the server.

webRequest, webRequestBlocking and webRequest, WebRequestBlocking and AllHosts. 

SetupVPN analyzes each web page request for Proxy-Authorization and then uses it to grant connections to the proxy servers. It also helps in detecting errors in connection, informs users of errors and guarantees an excellent user experience.
tabs: To access the extension and support websites and fill in their pages with content. To ensure that premium support is available to users and to help solve issues that are related to the extension quicker.
It can also help to determine the tabs where connection issues occur. The error detection is only informational and will improve the user experience.
management: To find extensions that could impact the use of Setup VPN and to warn the user. It does not block or activate your extensions. It's just informational and provides the user has a positive experience by providing the user with information.