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Record your screen and camera with one click. Share that content in an instant with a link.

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Loom makes it easy to record content and keep in touch with your team. Loom is the best way to record content and stay connected with your team.

Loom is used by over 14 million people in 200,000 companies to record, share and review asynchronous videos. Loom is the collaboration and screen recording tool of choice for many top companies, including Atlassian, HubSpot, and Netflix.

Everything you need and more

Loom allows you to collaborate with your team and add time-stamped comments or reactions to videos. You can also save videos that you’ve recorded onto your device. Loom allows you to spend more time creating the perfect email, instead of spending your time writing it.


  • Record your screen, camera and microphone as well as internal audio

  • Save videos automatically to the cloud, and instantly share them with a link

  • Get notified whenever someone views, comments, or reacts to your video

  • Use emojis and time-based comments to leave your reactions

  • Access your Loom video library anywhere, anytime.

  • You can choose who can view your video. Security and access controls are available.

  • Download recordings from your camera roll

  • Change the video playback speed

  • View the transcript of your video

  • Use the Loom web app to edit and trim your video.


Loom is the most popular video communication platform for async. Loom is designed for speed and simplicity. You can record, view, and share videos from anywhere you are, so you can move your work forward, whether you are at your desk or on-the-go.


“Why are we all stuck in enterprise chat apps? If we can talk 6X faster that we type and our brain processes visual information 60,000X faster now is the time to Loom,” – TechCrunch

It fills the gap between writing an email or taking the time to meet with people. It’s rare to find something that is low-friction and high-impact, but also adds personal connection. – Forbes

Loom believes that asynchronous video is rapidly gaining ground and will change the way we do business. “And maybe even do everything else.” – Protocol

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