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Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. Block ads, stop trackers and speed up websites.

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A built-in advertising blocker removes advertisements from websites, depriving the website of any clutter and allowing you to concentrate on the information you wish to read. Privacy is the most important thing. Ghostery allows you to see and block trackers on websites that you visit, and to limit who has access to your personal information. Advanced Anti Tracking anonymizes your personal information to protect you privacy.

Browse more quickly

Ghostery's Intelligent Blocking feature speeds up the loading of pages and enhances the efficiency of the site. It blocks and eliminates trackers that do not satisfy the requirements for high-quality.

Customize your display

Ghostery provides a variety of options for display and dashboards so that you can quickly access the relevant data.

New default settings

Ghostery's default settings as well as improved Anti-Tracking as well as Enhanced blocking along with Smart Blocking give you enhanced, safer faster, and efficient experience for browsing. These settings can be altered at any time.

Ghostery: Why Choose It?

Ghostery Privacy Adblocker This add-on provides complete privacy protection. It blends the best blocklist features and AI-powered antitracking methods. Advanced anti Tracking as well with enhanced Ad Blocking are a perfect combination to block any ads infiltrating. The extension can be extremely effective and speeds up websites by increasing the overall speed of a page.

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