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“Google CalendarZoom allows you to schedule Zoom cloud meetings from your smartphone. It combines mobile collaboration, cloud video conference and simple online meetings in one platform. Our solution provides the best screen-sharing, audio, and video experience on Windows PC, Mac and iOS as well as Android, iOS and Android.

Zoom Chrome Extension lets participants schedule Zoom cloud meetings from their Google Calendar. You can schedule future meetings or start an instant meeting by clicking a button. A Google Calendar invitation is used to send the meeting URL and information so that attendees can join in one click.

Zoom Chrome Extension allows you to:

  • Instantly start a meeting

  • Book a meeting

  • Book a meeting with other people

Do we do more?

Zoom offers these:

  • Unparalleled screen, voice and video sharing quality

  • Unlimited free time for 1-to-1 and 40 minute group meetings

  • Paid service only $14.99/month for unlimited minutes and meetings

  • Video gallery view to view all 25 video streams at once

  • Full online meeting functionality including mobile and desktop screen sharing

  • Annotations, share audio, mouse, and keyboard controls

  • Free global teleconferencing

  • Interoperability among H.323/SIP rooms systems, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


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