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Auto-refresh and auto-reload pages after any number of seconds.

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Automatically refreshes websites at any time in seconds.



  •  Refresh pages following a predetermined time.

  •  Set different delays per page or tab.

  •  Saves your settings for each page.

  • Recalls scroll position

Simply enter the number seconds between refreshes, and then select to start. You can define various settings for each tab. These preferences are saved for each URL of the web page. The countdown will pause as you type. To stop refreshing the tab, simply select Stop.

Get your copy of Easy Auto Refresh in order to unlock the most advanced options, which include:

  •  Save preferences for each URL for a website page or per domain name of a web site.

  •  Allow random countdown times.

  •  Select specific times of the day.

  • Then, you can reload every tab of the window.

  •  Automatically click on a button or link in the web page.

  •  Enter a URL from a drop-down list at every time interval.

  •  Display a notification and play the sound when there is text on the page. 

  • Display the latest and next refresh times.

  •  Remove cache.

  • You will be able to access future updates.

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