JDownloader is a free download manager that makes downloading as easy, fast, and automated as it should be. With this extension, you can download photo albums, playlists, or anything with one click. This extension can also be used to get a quick overview of the download status.

How to use MyJDownloader

  1. Install myjdownloader chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting chrome Webstore 

  2. Pin the extension for quick access 

  3. Use your desktop jdownloader and go to settings 

  4. Then choose my jdownloader, enter your login credentials and connect.

  5. Click refresh to check for connected jdownloaders.

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More details about MyJDownloader

Free Download Manager generally accelerates all types of downloads (files, video, torrents). It’s a smart and fast internet download manager for Windows and macOS. JDownloader is a java-based download manager. JDownloader is one such download manager for easy and fast downloads. It works more like your personal internet robot that does all the tasks for you. JDownloader downloads whole photo albums, playlists, or about anything else with just one click. This extension saves most of your time. This allows you to remote control your device from anywhere and everywhere. Use the web interface, your phone or tablet with Android, iOS, or Windows 10, or the extensions for Firefox, Chrome, or Opera

  • Start, stop and pause downloads
  • Add links and link containers from your mobile
  • Use Click’n’Load from another computer
  • Solve captchas while you’re on the go

Few features that make my Jdownloader the best download manager for your system.

  1. No wait time – JDownloader can reconnect your router in order to skip those painful waiting times some sites have. Makes your download quicker and easier.
  2. Automatic captcha recognition – Redeem yourself from typing captcha every time to prove you are human. My JDownload does that for you. 
  3. Thousands of supported sites – whenever you face any trouble with any websites, with one email to JDownloader, it will come to the rescue. 
  4. Faster download – Downloads at rapid speed saving your time. 
  5. Copy links – Copy multiple links and JDownloader will download all of them quicker and faster, without your access to the system till the complete download progress. 
  6. Auto-extraction – you don’t have to waste time until a file is completely extracted. My JDownloader will extract files faster and saves the passwords for the future too.
  7. Autosave –  save all your files automatically with my JDownload extension.

FAQ's for MyJDownloader

JDownloader is a chrome extension, that makes downloading quicker.
With this extension, you can download photo albums, playlists etc
My JDownloader is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10.
Yes, you can save all your files automatically with my JDownload extension. you can also get a quick overview of the download status.

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