Internet-Start will replace your current search and transform the results for your search query into convenient format.

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“The Internet-Start extension replaces your current search, and convert the results from your query into a convenient format: the sites from the search results are shown to the right, there is no need to click or clicking on the links.

Our product offers the following advantages:


There are no ads. There is no need to use complicated ads blockers because we’ve eliminated everything that is that is useless or hazardous.

There are no viruses. The websites with potential dangers are displayed in a safe and clean format, making it less likely to cause harm to your computer.

– You will spend less on traffic volume. You don’t need to download an entire page, as we analyze every page and show only the most relevant information only.

The process of browsing the Internet becomes quicker. There is no need to click on every link in the search results as you immediately receive the response to your inquiry.

We are eager to hear your ideas regarding how we can improve our product.”

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