Dualless Chrome splits your screen to simulate a dual monitor. Multitasking is greatly improved by this extension. Different tabs can be kept open in different windows.

How to use Dualless

  • Install the Dualless extension from the Chrome web store or get it from the Chrome web store.  

  • Open multiple Chrome extension tabs. 

  • Click on the Dualless icon to enable it or you can also pin it for quick access. 

  • Select Horizontal or vertical split option as per your requirement & choose the screen split ratio.  

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More details about Dualless

Dualless is a very useful extension to multitasking in everyday life. Dualless enables you to separate your Chrome tabs for multitasking. Dualless also offers a cool feature that enables you to create a bookmark for a specific website. 

Key features: 

  • Present your Google Meet screen while you are still able to see other participants on the split tab.  
  • Watch and learn coding through YouTube videos while practicing it on VS Code simultaneously. 
  • Watch videos & do other tasks side by side.  
  • Read and type at the same time. This is really helpful for content writers.  


FAQ's for Dualless

Dualless Chrome extension divides your screen to emulate a dual monitor.
Currently Dualless can only be used as a browser extension only.
Yes. Dualless is a very trusted & reliable tool to split the screen.
Install the Dualless extension to split the screen for Google Meet. You can easily present your screen and will also be able to see other participants on the other side.

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