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Save to Google Drive Chrome extension allows you to save web content and browser screenshots to Google Drive. 

  • This browser action saves the current page.

  • Provides a context menu for right-click to save media and hyperlinks.

  • Configurable via an options page

  • Save the page as a PDF using the Chrome Print menu

  • This extension lets you save web content directly into Google Drive via a browser action, or context menu. All documents, images, and HTML5 video can be saved by right-clicking and choosing 'Save to Google Drive.

  • The current page can be saved using the browser action 'Save to Google Drive' or as a PDF via the Chrome Print menu. You can control the location and format of saved HTML pages with the extension's options page. 

  • It is possible to convert Microsoft Office files and comma separated files into Google Docs format.

  • Once your content has been saved, you can open, rename or view the file within the Google Drive document listing. You can organize your document and share it from the document list.

  • Chrome://extensions/ will allow you to save URLs or enable in incognito mode.

  • This extension is not able to capture Chrome Web Store pages or chrome:// pages due to security restrictions.

New in Version 2.3.8:

Fixes authorization bug.

New in Version 2.3.2:

Fixed a bug in which certain PDF files saved without an extension name.

New in Version 2.3.1:

Bug fixes.

Prints the current page directly from Google Chrome to Google Drive as a PDF. This feature is currently only available in Google Chrome, but it will soon be fully replaced by the Chrome Extension.
New in Version 2.1.1:
Bug fixes
New in Version 2.1:

Authorization requires that you are signed in to Chrome. To save to another Google Drive account, you will need to change your Chrome profile.
New in Version 2.0.1:

  • Bug fix: Authentication page redirects to about.blank after clicking Accept.

  • New in Version 2:

  • OAuth2 authentication flow. You will need to re-authenticate after the first use.

  • The ability to select a destination folder (configured on Options page).

  • Support for high devicePixelRatio displays (Chrome Pixel & Retina displays).

  • Clicking on the saved folder name will display the new file in the destination directory.

  • Optional files are shared and can be synchronized across browsers if Chrome Sync has been enabled.

  • You agree to the Google Terms of Service.


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