Convert files online from one format into another. More than 2500 different conversions supported

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“Convert online files in one format to another.More than 2500 different conversions are available:

Archive Converter (rar to zip, 7z to zip, …)

The Audio Converter (wav to M4A to mp3, wav to, …)

Documents Converter (pdf to jpg, doc to PDF, …)

EBooks Converter (epub to pdf, epub to, …)

Image Converter (png to images converter, png to, …)

The Presentations Convertor (ppt into pdf), ppt conversion to jpg, …)

Video Converter (mkv to MP4, mov to MP4, …)

Adobe PDF tools (compress pdf PDF, merge pdf to pdf, unlock pdf, convert webpage to pdf)

OCR Tool (optical character recognition)

You can make use of Google Drive or Dropbox: Start a conversion, quit the app and then watch until the file appears within your storage cloud.”

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