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Dark Reader Chrome extension enables you to turn your favorite websites into dark mode. This extension protects your eyes from late-night internet surfing. Dark Reader extension transforms bright colors so that you can easily read them at night. This extension lets you customize the contrast, sepia filter and the dark mode.

How to use Dark Reader

  • Install the dark mode from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store. 

  • Click the extension icon to enable it or you can also pin the extension for quick access.  

  • After enabling the extension, you will see On & Off option to enable and disable the dark mode.  

  • You can also adjust contrast and brightness by clicking on the extension icon.  

Dark Reader Extension Details

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More details about Dark Reader

This extension is different from other dark mode extensions. It does more than inverting the colors of websites. This extension uses intelligent technology to transform bright and blinding web pages into dark, eye-calming, high contrast, dark-themed pages. 

Dark Reader is the most popular and well-known dark extension for Firefox and Chrome. It is compatible with almost all websites. It can transform intense colors on websites into soft, making it easier to read at night. You can adjust the brightness and the sepia filters. It is free to use, which is the best thing about it. 

Key Features of Dark Reader Chrome extension 

  • Easy user interface 
  • Simple to use  
  • Enable dark mode in one click 
  • Easy to adjust brightness & contrast  


FAQ's for Dark Reader

Dark reader chrome extension enables you to change all websites into dark mode or dark theme.
Install the dark reader extension & simply click on the extension icon to enable it. Once you enable the extension you can enable & disable dark mode using on & off button.
Dark reader is a trusted and safe to use extension. The extension has already been downloaded by more than 4 million users.
Dark reader is available in Apple app store for iOS users but not currently available android platform.

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