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Google Translate Chrome extension is a free tool used to translate web pages. By default, it will translate the text into English. You can click on the “Open in Google Translate” option if you need to convert texts to other languages.

How to use Google Translate

  • Install the Google Translate extension from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store.   

  • Visit the web page that you want to translate into your desired language.  

  • Click on the extension icon to enable or pin the extension for quick access.   

  • Click on “TRANSLATE THIS PAGE” If you need to translate the entire webpage. By default, it will convert text to the English language. If you want to translate the web page into other languages, select your desired language from the top left corner of the current web page.   

  • If you only need to translate a few words or sentences, then select the text using your mouse and enable the extension by clicking on the icon. Again, by default, it will translate into English, but you can click on “OPEN IN GOOGLE TRANSLATE” to translate selected text to another language.  

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More details about Google Translate

When we need to translate something, we use Google Translate on the internet. It’s much more convenient than looking through a dictionary or language guide. Many of us cannot have a translator each time we need to understand something written orally in another language.  

It is also impossible to carry several foreign language dictionaries with us. If you have the Google Translate extension installed on your Chrome browser, it will surely help you do basic translation work. 

FAQ's for Google Translate

Google translate extension lets you translate text from any foreign language to your desired local language.
Yes Definitely. You can download Google Translate app from the Google play store & Apple app store.
Google Translate is one of the most trusted & reliable online translating tools. It can translate into any language.
Google translate is a completely safe & secure extension to use & it is completely free to use.

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