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“With Mote it is easy to create voice-based comments and audio files to emails, documents, assignments and forms.Mote integrates with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Classroom and Gmail which allows for simple recording and playback.

You can also make audio notes to any site or application through Our Chrome extension menu. Just click on the icon for your browser to open our “”Motepad”” recorder.

You can also record and send your voice notes via an QR code.

Mote allows transcription in more than 20 global languages that include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic. 

Teachers can request a motel:


Students can ask questions, and give feedback quickly and with the sense of human interaction. No matter where you are at home as well as in the school, Mote helps educators and students remain connected.

Voice comments can be added to the Google Classroom’s Stream and Private Comments views and also in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets. Search for the Mote icon in the comment boxes.

Make and insert audio files within Google Slides and Google Forms Click upon the Mote icon in this application and insert any audio.

Record voice notes wherever with our voice recorder, which is accessible via the extension icon on the tab bar in the web browser.

Students can get a loan from the Mote:

Students are able to leave notes on their voice and respond to comments and feedback from teachers to inform teachers that they’ve listened and are ready to take action on feedback, or that they’re in need of assistance.

Check out our website to learn more about how we’re creating secure and safe experience for users who aren’t yet of 18.


Mote lets teams collaborate efficiently any time, any time. Voice note feedback can be left on shared documents or projects or use Mote to handle the daily stand-up meetings.

Include voice-to-text transcription in your voice note . Simply hit the Mote icon on the browser window to open the menu, and then select among more than 20 global languages to translate.

It is easy to review or edit the transcript in case it’s not perfect the first time.

Record voice notes in your ‘Motebook’ so that you can use them in the future. 

Translate your voice note to more than one dozen additional languages to make your voice recording even more easily accessible. 

Respond to voice notes from other users. You can also as a voice notes creator, look over these responses in your account’s activity page. 

Select ‘STEM mode’ and effortlessly translate mathematical expressions and chemical compounds. 

This feature is only available with our Unlimited’ paid tier (free trial is included).


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