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When you browse the product details page on e-commerce platforms such as, you will get a coupon for the product, and the order will be reduced immediately after receiving the coupon.

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Help You Taobao is a browser plug-in that helps users quickly obtain product coupons from various mainstream e-commerce platforms.

(1) You can click the upper right icon to call out the application interface, select different e-commerce platforms through the small arrow on the left side of the search box, and enter the coupon product you want to search in the box. More coupon products will also be displayed in the search box in real time. Below are your options.

(2) When you are browsing the product details of mainstream e-commerce platforms, the coupons of the product and the recommended information of the same item will be displayed in real time. You can place an order by clicking the ‘Quick Claim’ button to receive the coupons. If there is no coupon for this product, you can click on the same product in our carefully selected recommendation of the same product to place an order.

(3) You can also directly search our coupon official website’

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