Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a chrome extension that allows you to change the theme of the website you use. With one toggle button, you change the light theme into the dark. This extension also allows you to customize the dark theme into one of the many options available.

How to use Dark Mode

  1. Install the Dark mode chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting the Chrome Webstore

  2. Pin the extension for quick access

  3. You will now find a toggle button in your extensions area, click it to switch the modes

  4. To customize the dark mode with different colors, click options and choose the modes and colors available.

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More details about Dark Mode

The dark mode is a chrome extension used to toggle between light and dark themes for the web pages. With this extension, you can change the theme from light to dark and dark to light countless times. You can also customize the colors in the dark theme with 2 classes of colors available with this extension. You also have custom colors feature in this extension where the colors can be added to the particular dark mode. You can add websites to the whitelist, those which will have light mode always and cannot be changed with the toggle button. This whitelist can be edited at any time. Some key features of this extension are

  • The toggle button, the icon appears on the extension bar in the form of a toggle button which enables you to switch between the modes
  • Whitelist, where you can add websites in this list where the light mode is fixed and cannot be toggled between.
  • This list can be edited any number of times. To add the websites type the website name with a .com at the end. To add a few other websites to that list separate them with a comma (,)
  • The custom dark theme enables you to custom colors to add to the dark mode
  • This extension is available for google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers

FAQ's for Dark Mode

The dark mode is a chrome extension used to change the theme of the websites from light to dark and vice versa
The dark mode is not a paid extension
Go to the options of this extension, there will be two lists of dark modes available over 20+ themes. Choose them according to your preferences
There is no limit to the number of times you change the themes with this extension

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