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Ronin Chrome extension lets you interact with decentralized apps like Axie infinity running on ronin. Ronin is a crypto wallet that operates on the Ronin network, and it has been specially designed for blockchain games. You can download it as a mobile app or as a browser extension.

How to use Ronin Wallet

Install the Ronin chrome extension from the download button below or get it from the Chrome web store.  

  • Now click on the extension icon to enable it or you can also pin the extension for quick access.  

  • You will see Ronin wallet set-up & click on I Am New option to create account.  

  • Create a strong wallet password & hit on Create Account.  

  • Your seed phrase will be hidden. You can click Reveal seed phrase to write it down. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone. 

  • Now enter your seed phrase that you noted down in the last step.  

  • In the last step, you just need to click on the extension icon to access ronin wallet interface.  

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More details about Ronin Wallet

Axie Infinity is a game that uses Ethereum. Players can collect Axies, which are in-game artifacts. Blockchain games are really popular and offer users the opportunity to have fun. However, Ethereum has limited capabilities. Game developers created the Ronin blockchain to address any Ethereum blockchain issues that might affect the gameplay. The Ronin network is a sidechain, and it is specially created for Axie Infinity. 

What Is Ronin Bridge?  

Ronin bridge allows users to transfer their Ethereum to Ronin. The ETH is wrapped after being transferred to Ronin via the bridge. Once the conversion is complete, you can use it to buy Axies to play the game. The Ronin bridge allows users to upgrade their Smooth Love Potion or Axies tokens. The bridge can also be used to withdraw tokens or transfer them back to Ethereum. 


FAQ's for Ronin Wallet

Ronin Chrome extension allows you to interact with decentralized apps such as Axie Infinity that run on Ronin & has been specifically designed for blockchain games.
Ronin wallet app is available both for Android & iOS platforms.
It is 100% safe & secure. Ronin Wallet works as a non-custodial system, which means that your funds are protected from being accessed by anyone else, not even Ronin developers.
Yes definitely. You can visit Google play store or Apple App store to download the Ronin wallet app.

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