EditThisCookie Chrome extension enables you to add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies. This extension is one of the most popular cookie manager extensions.

How to use EditThisCookie

  • Install the extension from the download button or get it from the Chrome Webstore.

  • Click on the extension icon to pin it, or you can also pin the extension for quick access.

  • Once you enable extension, you will see options for adding, deleting & blocking cookies.

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More details about EditThisCookie

Edit this cookie is a very secure and popular cookie manager for google chrome. It enables you to edit existing cookies and also allows you to import-export cookies. It easily protects your cookies from any modifications. With this cookie manager extension, you can set maximum age for any cookie.

  • Best cookie manager for Chrome browser
  • Delete cookies in one click
  • Easily add a new cookie
  • You can search cookies using the search bar option
  • It Protects cookies (read-only cookies)
  • Blocks cookies
  • Export cookies in JSON and Netscape cookie files
  • It Limits the cookie’s maximum expiration date
  • Optimize performance and remove cookies
  • Import cookies in “.txt” format.

FAQ's for EditThisCookie

EditThisCookie extension lets you edit, add, delete & block cookies in your Chrome browser.
Yes this Chrome extension is completely safe to manage cookies on your Chrome browser.
EditThisCookie Chrome extension is the safest cookie manager extension on Windows & for Chrome browser.
Install the EditThisCookie extension from the download button given below. Click on the extension icon to enable it. After enabling the extension, you will see various options to add and delete the cookies.

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