iCloud Passwords

iCloud Passwords

This extension, iCloud passwords allows you to use the passwords created on the iOS and macOS in Windows. Usually, iOS passwords cannot be used with chrome on Windows, with this extension you can use passwords created on safari and any apps on apple devices.

How to use iCloud Passwords

  1. Install the iCloud Password chrome extension from the download button given below or install it by visiting the Chrome Webstore

  2. Pin the extension for quick access

  3. The extension icon appears on the top right of your toolbar

  4. You can run this extension only if your windows version is 10

  5. With that windows version, click on the extension icon and you will see a six-digit code as a pop-up message on your windows screen. 

  6. Now click the extension icon again and fill the six-digit code on the box there. 

  7. Your iCloud password extension is now enabled on your windows device

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More details about iCloud Passwords

iCloud password is a chrome extension that helps us to use the passwords on windows that are created on the safari browser and apps on Apple devices. This extension allows using passwords created on iPod, iPhone, and mac. iCloud password extension is a great tool to sync the passwords to your browsers on windows. This is a free extension presented to you by apple. With this extension, you can also create new passwords and they are saved to the iCloud keychain so that they are available on Apple devices also. There are some key features available on this extension they are, 

  • Autofill your passwords that are stored on your iCloud keychain, with this extension on any page of google chrome on your windows 
  • This extension works on computers that have iCloud for windows enabled and not with devices that work with chrome on mac.
  • Access a saved password on Chrome and Edge, on any website that asks for login credentials click on the user name and select the account. Then click on the extension icon and select the account. Your password will be filled in automatically. 
  • Add a new password on any browsers on windows by clicking save the password option that pops up. 
  • Update an existing password by clicking the update password dialog   

FAQ's for iCloud Passwords

iCloud password is a chrome extension to use password created on iOS and macOS on Windows
No, iCloud Password is for free of cost.
Yes we can update an existing password in the iCloud Password extension

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