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The Return YouTube Dislike Chrome extension allows you to view the number of people who disliked a video. This extension will be very useful for YouTube video creators to analyze like-dislike ratio. In 2021, YouTube announced that the actual dislike count would remain private to protect YouTube creators against hateful dislike attacks.

How to use Return YouTube Dislike

  • Install the Return YouTube Dislike from the download button below or get it from the Chrome webstore.  

  • You can pin the extension for quick access. 

  • Now open YouTube & play any video and extension will automatically show you the Dislike count next to Likes count.  

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More details about Return YouTube Dislike Extension

Return YouTube dislike can be useful if someone wants to analyze video dislike counts for content creation or know about a particular video’s like and dislike ratio.  

In 2021 YouTube announced that it would make YouTube’s “dislike” count private on its platform. YouTube claims that the new change will protect creators from harassment and reduce the risk of “dislike attacks” when groups work together to increase the dislikes of a video. 

Although dislike counts will not be visible to the viewers, YouTube did not remove the dislike button. YouTube viewers can still click on the thumbs-down button to give their feedback to creators. Creators can track their dislikes and other analytics in YouTube Studio. 

FAQ's for Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike Chrome extension enables you to easily view dislike count on a YouTube video.
Return YouTube dislike extension will collect the video ID that you are viewing currently and fetch the dislike count using the API. The extension displays the dislike count number next to likes count.
Install the extension & play any YouTube video. This extension will automatically show you the video dislike count.
Yes you can download the extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Brave browsers.

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