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The most beautiful and customizable JSON/JSONP highlighter that your eyes have ever seen. Open source at https://goo.gl/fmphc7

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“It’s a Chrome plugin to print JSON or JSONP.Notes:

This extension might crash with other JSON highlighters/formatters, you may need to disable them

  • In order to highlight files locally as well as tabs incognito, the user have to manually enable these options in the extensions page.

  • Sometimes, when the chrome plugin is updated, it stops the background process in place and disables some features such as accessibility to files locally. In this case, you can recheck the option to ensure that everything is working again.

  • Work on local files (if you enable this feature in extension settings in chrome)


  • Syntax highlighting

  • 27 themes built-in

  • Collapsible nodes

  • Clickable URLs (optional)

  • URL doesn’t matter (the content is analyzed to determine if it’s JSON (or not)

  • Check your JSON by using “”json”” in the console

Hot word json-viewer into Omnibox (type””json-viewer”” and hit TAB, then insert your JSON into Omnibox, then press Enter and it is highlighted)

  •  Click toggle button to see the highlighted or raw version.

  •  Work with numbers larger than Number.MAX_VALUE

  •  Option to display the line numbers

  •  You can customize your theme

  • The option to change the size of the tab

  •  Possibility to define the maximum JSON size that highlights

  • Choice to detach nodes on the second level. Button for unfolding all nodes that have collapsed

There is an option to add an additional header with timestamp plus URL

  •  Option to allow the editing of the JSON file. JSON

  •  The option to sort JSON using keys

  •  Alternative to use C braces or arrays

  •  Scratch pad, a brand-new space that lets you type or paste JSON and format forever with a click or key shortcut. To open it, type json-viewer + TAB + scratch padand press ENTER.


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