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Have you ever needed to swiftly switch between user agent strings on the in a flash? You're developing a site that requires to function on desktop and mobile browsers? Are you tired of a dated site that is blocking your access because you're not using Netscape 4?

The User-Agent Switcher to Chrome is the solution. This extension allows you'll be able to quickly and quickly switch between different user-agent strings. Additionally, you can make specific URLs you wish to spoof each time. It is important to note that this feature does provide better privacy when surfing the Internet and that certain websites may have other methods to detect that the browser isn't what it appears to be. The use of this extension could have a an impact on the performance of your browsing experience because of the need to alter and intercept the data sent by the web server.

NOTE: If certain websites encounter issues when using a mobile-based user-agent and will not switch back, regardless of what you do to spoof it, you'll need to switch back to Chrome and remove your cookies from sites that behave normally once more.

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