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#1 email tracker for Gmail with over 2 million active users. Free and unlimited email tracking.

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Gmail Tracking is free . Unlimited Mail track provides unlimited tracking of Gmail. It also offers follow-up alerts, mail merge campaigns, as well as link tracking. Gmail's top email tracker

108,000 paying customers

2 Million active users

8 Million registered users

Google Security Audit

GDPR conform

Patented Technology

Top Reviews – 4,5 stars from over 10,000 reviews

– Featured on Forbes, Mashable, Inc, Lifehacker…

Professionals use it in Uber, Indeed Randstad, Keller Williams and Compass.

How can I use the app to track my mail?

Install Mail track to prolong receipts

Send emails as usual: Mail track will automatically track all of your email addresses

To view how your invoices have been processed, go to Your "Sent email" folder

A checkmark signifies that the email was sent but was not opened.

Your email has been opened with two checkmarks

To determine the exact time and the number of times your email has been opened, simply hover your mouse on the checkmarks


Higher open and response rates than other email trackers.

Check your inbox You can be assured that your emails will not likely to be used to send advertising or for spam.

The highest delivery rate for emails that are tracked

– Simple follow-up via alerts

– Bulk email features for mail marketing & Gmail templates


  • Free and unlimited email tracker: You'll be able to keep track of the most emails you like.

  • You can follow the individual emails of groups to determine who read them.

  • Email alerts for follow-up messages are sent out when an email isn't responded to or opened.

  • Clicks on tracking links: Check what happens when someone clicks on hyperlinks inside your messages.

  • Campaigns/Mail Merge Campaigns /Mail Merge: A personal email marketing tool that can send personalized emails to up to 200 recipients in one go.

  • Tracking Certificates PDF These certificates can help prove your emails were received.

  • Daily Reports: Get an email summary of the monitoring activities for the day.

  • Salesforce / CRM integration

  • Export CSV data

  • Utilizes iOS and Android The apps allow you to send a tracked email using the Gmail application on your phone.

  • Support via email and phone


  • Job search Find out whether your resume was viewed by an employer

  • Sending quotes Find out if prospective customers would be interested in using your products or services

  • Invoices: Determine whether your invoice was paid.

  • Emails for newsletters: You can send up 200 individual emails each monthly with Gmail templates

  • You can measure your cold email's efficiency with mail marketing


  • Mail track Company processes personal information in line with European Regulation (EU 2016/679 of European Parliament and of Council of 27 April 2016. Mail track's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are conforming with GDPR. It is the most rigorous data security and privacy law on earth.

  • Each the year Mail track will be subjected to an annual Google audit of security.